Counselor's Focus for October: Bullying

Posted by David Schena on 10/3/2015

October is the month we focus on bullying.  First, we'll brainstorm what we think bullying is, then look at the definition according to Indiana law (this part is for the older children).  Then we'll examine each kind of bullying in more detail with discussions, videos, books, music, and role plays.  Lastly, we'll produce something (posters, slogans, drawings, etc.) to share with one another and to hang on the walls for a time.

The last week of October is also called "Red Ribbon Week."  During this week, schools across America focus on promoting an anti-drug/alcohol abuse message and strategies.  During this week, we'll see some fun clothing combinations at Pine.  One day will be "Wear Red" day, of course, but for the other clever clothing themes, watch the Pine News.


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