Posted by Rachel Palleschi on 8/7/2015

I submitted a project proposal, similar to a grant, through Donors Choose.  This is a company that works to help fund projects for classrooms so students can get necessary equipment that teachers can't afford to purchase on their own.  I proposed a project for 6 iPad minis, the protective cases, and the warrenties for each iPad mini.  I am so excited to say that it was approved just a couple of days ago.  Now for the hard part, we have to get it funded.

The purpose of this project is to get students involved using technology more frequently in the classroom as well as to have more technology for more students to work together in groups and independently during the school day.  I have taken a training over the summer where I learned how to do many cool and exciting things on an iPad using iMovie.  I would love for my students to learn how to use iMovie as well for different projects in all subject areas as well as use other apps to enhance their math and literacy skills. 

I am attaching the link to this post.  Please either consider donating or copy and share the link to all your family and friends so our kids this year can experience the technology that they will be using in the real world some day for their jobs as adults. I thank you in advance for all your support.  I am excited that this was approved so now let's make it a reality for this school year together.  Also, if you donate by August 10 (I know only 3 days), Donors Choose will automatically double your donation so you donate $20 and it instantly turns into $40.

Here is the link:

Let's do this and have a fabulous year with iPad Mini Learning!!!