Class Dojo

Posted by Rachel Palleschi on 2/1/2015

Class Dojo is an amazing  online tool that I will use to record your child's behavior.  They earn points and lose points depending on what they are doing throughout the day.  They always have a chance to earn points back because I believe in learning from your mistakes. 

As a parent or guardian, you have the option of joining by a login code that I give you so you can be updated throughout the day on your child's behavior.  The code will go home at the beginning of the year, but I can give it to you later on as well if you change your mind and decide to join in.  Once you have logged in with your code, you can receive instant updates and have access to text message me through Class Dojo.  You can also receive graphs and reports that show your child's daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly behavior record.  This is the record that I use to calculate part of their behavior grade at the end of the quarter. 

There is an app for your smart phone as well in case you do not have access to a computer throughout the day.  The app is free!   I strongly encourage you to join Class Dojo to be more informed on your child's behavior which directly effects their education.