Our Class News

Posted by Rachel Palleschi on 2/1/2015

Hey Families,

 To see what is going on in Mrs. Palleschi's classroom, please read the monthly Pine News and look daily in your child's homework folder.  Graded papers and notes will be on the "Keep at Home" side of the folder.  Also, we will use the weekly yellow folder that will normally go home on Mondays, but if I am out for any reason it will go out the day that I return.  If you need me before then, please remember that you can contact me by Class Dojo if you signed up (you can get your login code at any time from me if you change your mind), through email, phone message (I don't check my messages until the end of the day though), and hand written note.  I prefer email and Class Dojo as I can see those right away and quickly respond back to you. 

For homework assignments, your child is responsible to put the assignment in their Pine Planner.  All homework assignments are written on my front board in the morning for students to copy the assignment name and due date into their planner.  Most homework is due the next day, but if I am giving them more time, I will put the date on the board.

 Mrs. Palleschi