September 2022 - Cadets of the Michigan City High School (MCHS) Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) have demonstrated their commitment to MCHS by striving for excellence in extracurricular activities outside of the MCJROTC.

Cadets Matthew Wilson, Jonathan Ruiz, and Rayden Melendez run on the Cross Country team. Cadets Alexandra Reed, Daniel Kohn, and Jayden Sledd play in the MCHS Band. Cadets Tristan Sherwood and Davian Sanchez are starters on the Wolves Football team. Sherwood is also the Cadet Commanding Officer and is applying for the ROTC scholarship, worth a maximum of $180,000.

Despite the demands of the MCJROTC and their additional extracurriculars, all of these cadets donate time to support MCHS and the community by performing many hours of community service. Additionally, Cadets Wilson, Ruiz, Reed and Kohn are on the military drill team. This means that they are at the school by 5:45 am daily for drill team practice, go through their academic day (all are in college preparatory classes), then go to their respective athletic or band practices. They have little time to relax at home, as they must complete homework assignments and prepare for the next day’s lessons. Major Tom McGrath, the Senior Marine Instructor, noted the cadets’ time management skills. “These high school students really pack much into a day. They are determined to be the best cadet and student-athlete or student-musician they can be. They really represent our school well.”

The Marine Instructor, Master Sergeant Jeff Benak, also commented on the cadets’ dedication to the Michigan City Community. “Despite their time commitments to extracurriculars and their studies, they still find time to support community agencies like the Salvation Army Food Pantry.” The cadets will be participating in a number of school and community events in October. These include the MCHS Homecoming Parade and Game on October 7th, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 8th, and the middle school dance at Barker Middle School on October 14th.

The Drill Team is preparing to host and compete in the MCHS Drill Meet on November 12th, which will draw MCJROTC schools from Indiana and Illinois. The previous day, November 11th, they, along with the MCHS Band and Choir, will conduct a ceremony to honor veterans. The ceremony is open to the public. Veterans from all services are encouraged to attend, as they will be honored during the ceremony. It starts at 1:30 p.m. in the school gym. Indiana State Senator Mike Bohacek will be the guest speaker.

The MCHS Color Guard presents the Colors at a home MCHS football game.  Cadet Sergeant Matthew Wilson (far right), is also a runner on the cross county team.  Cadets (l-r) Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Klimczyk, Sergeant Marcus Mantel and Corporal Emily Roberts, along with Wilson, are members of the MCHS Military Drill Team. 
color guard 

Cadet Private First Class Daniel Kohn performs as part of the MCHS Band at halftime at a home MCHS football game.  Kohn is also a member of the MCHS Military Drill Team.