e- Learning / Physical Education

Physical Education is all about being "PHYSICAL". During this time of uncharted territory as far as 'Virtual Learning' is concerned, I would like for everyone to remain 'Physical' and just be active!! The weather will be hopefully changing for the better very soon and it will give you a chance to get outside and BE ACTIVE!!!! Videotape yourself being ACTIVE in ANY WAY (walk the dog, jog, play basketball, speed walk, pushups, situps, etc.) and send me a clip.......Don't forget to use your "resting heartrate" as a measure vs. your "exercise heartrate". Your target heart rate should be somewhere between 130bpm and 170bpm. Have fun with it and see how much exercise you can get in the target zone!!!! Good Luck....Send me a clip and I can use it for extra credit!!!!!


Hopefully we will be back together soon!!! Be safe!!!