Information for Mrs. Law's Class

Posted by ELIZABETH LAW on 8/12/2019 4:00:00 PM

Welcome!!  You may call me during school hours at 219-873-2105 extension 6610, or text or call me at 219-877-8148 until 9:00 pm.

You may email me at any time.

I look through folders every day that we are at school.  You can put a note in there for me, if you’d like.

Our schedule can be found on my teacher website.  Please make sure that your child has gym shoes on the days that we have PE, and that they bring back Library books on our scheduled day.

Each child will have a day of the week written on their folder.  This is the day they may share something each week. Appropriate sharing items are pictures, toys, awards, etc. ,as well as to just tell us  about something, tell a joke, read from a favorite book, or share a piece of writing. Please do not have them bring anything electronic or fragile.

Students are welcome to keep a water bottle on their desks – clear water only, please.  Students may bring snacks to eat at school. Please keep choices as healthy as possible.

Please also check out our classroom page, as well as the MCAS page.  To get to our page go to Lake Hills and follow the links.

We are so happy that you have joined us here at Lake Hills.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your experience here wonderful!

Mrs. Law