Assignments for April 27-29

Posted by Ralph Gee on 4/27/2020 9:00:00 AM

Assignments for April 27-29


Hello Everyone, 


I hope everyone is well. Look below for what to do. Keep up the good work! Email me if you have questions or concerns.


IED: Make a section or detail view of any part that you have done in Onshape. Once complete the form and you're done.

IED Form:


AP CSP: A video of your create task working, submit to the form below.

AP CSP Form:


POE: A simple equilateral truss problem has been uploaded to the shared folder (it resembles the one in the video) complete it and submit it via the form.

POE Form:

POE Problem:

Video Link:

CIM: Simple short essay about ethical and sustainable manufacturing. Write it and submit it via the form. See the form for the writing prompt.

CIM Form: