E-learning 5/12/2020

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 5/12/2020

e-learning 5/12/2020 


Level 1: 

I can: show the different ways numbers are manipulated in Japanese.


Task: In our Google Classroom, follow the link to FlipGrid, where there is a sample video of different sentences where numbers/counters are used. When ready, gather some props, and record 3 sentences of your own on FlipGrid


Level 2:

I can: show I know how kanji ARE vocab, and use them in sentences

Task: Follow the link in our Google Classroom to FlipGrid. Here I have posted a video of today's assigment. Choose 3 verb kanji from the 13 we are learning, draw them out large, assemble some props, and record 3 similar sentences on FlipGrid to share with your class.


Level 3+4:

I can: show mastery of a couple grammar tools learned in the 2019-2020 school year


Task: From our Google Classroom, follow the link to FlipGrid, where I made a demo video. Review the "L 34 in a Nutshell" summary Doc that I have copied there, and select one tool from each quarter. Draw up a simple chart; which tool goes to which quarter, and when ready. record 1 sentence each=4 sentences to share with your class on FlipGrid