E-learning 5/6/2020

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 5/6/2020

e-learning 5/6/2020


Level 1: 

I can: correctly say the name of this week's traditional holiday in Japanese

Task: Re-watch Monday's lesson if you have forgotten what we are learning, or haven't watched it yet. On Google Classroom, follow the link to Google Forms, where you will answer a question about this week 


Level 2:

I can: correctly identify several important kanji for meaning/reading

Task: Study the Quizlet linked in Google Classroom, and post a screenshot of your Test score when it is 70% or better. 


Level 3+4:

I can: use the VERB (て)みたい construction for something I would like to experience in the future.

Task: On Google Classroom, follow the link to FlipGrid, where you will make a short video that answers a single question that Sensei asks.