E-learning 5/5/2020 Children's Day

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 5/5/2020

e-learning 5/5/2020 こどものひ!

First, Happy Children's Day to all!


Level 1: 

I can: participate in a traditional celebration, and learn a simple traditional origami

Task: On Google Classroom, follow the link to FlipGrid. Here, you will have the chance to re-watch the tutorial on making an origami kabuto, so make one now if you did not yesterday. When ready, click on the massive green button on FlipGrid, and you will have 15 seconds to take a video in which you wear your kabuto and say 'this is my kabuto'


Level 2:

I can: correctly connect kanji to their words in making oral sentences

Task: Of the 21 kanji in our unit, select 6 that you know you can use in a sentence and write them out very large. There is a PDF on Google Classroom for your reference in writing. 

After seeing Sensei's sample on Google Classroom, make a similar voice-over with Screencastify where you say at least 3 sentences to present and use the vocab words with your 6 chosen kanji. Submit to Drive


Level 3+4:

I can: use the VERB (て)みます construction for experimentation and new experiences.

Task: On Google Classroom, follow the link to FlipGrid, where you will make a short video that uses て みます in 4 different ways:

I tried~

I want to try~

Why don't you try~?

Please try~



If you need further reference, there is an excellent link embedded in the こんしゅう の everything sheet for this week that explains it all very well. 

Submit your FlipGrid video