E-Learning 5/4/2020

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 5/4/2020

e-learning 5/4/2020


Level 1: 

I can: Learn about and recognize the practices of a traditional holiday in Japan

Task: On Google Classroom, watch the YouTube video on Children's Day, along with Sensei's Screencastify on traditional decoration. Follow the YouTube tutorial on making an origami kabuto, as it will be part of tomorrow's assignment!


Level 2:

I can: correctly identify 21 new kanji for meaning


Task: Watch the video posted on Google Classroom, where Sensei teaches 8 kanji related to family, and 13 kanji for everyday verbs. A Quizlet link is also posted so you can drill for further mastery.


Level 3+4:

I can: learn to use the VERB (て)みます construction for experimentation and new experiences.

Task: On Google Classroom, there are 2 videos and a PDF posted. The PDF is from Text Lesson 4 pages, and is covered in my Screencastify anyways, so it is merely a reference. 

Watch the videos in order, and come up with similar Verb て みます statements, as they will be a part of tomorrow's FlipGrid assignment