E-learning 4/29/2020

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 4/29/2020

e-learning 4/29/2020


Level 1: 

I can: successfully answer the question いくつ "how many (objects)?" with the correct ~つ counter


Task: after reviewing the counter handout, song, and chant, take the Google Quiz, following the link in our Google Classroom


Level 2:

I can: correctly identify time words for minutes, AM/PM, and others in a completely ひらがな format


Task: After reviewing the time-telling video Sensei posted, do the drill chanting minutes by yourself, and review the special time words. When confident, follow the link in our Google Classroom to test your knowledge


Level 3+4:

I can: use the extender ~すぎます ("too~~") combined with an adjective in a spoken statement


Task: Meet with Sensei and your classmates on Google Meet at our regular classtime, prepared to share a ~すぎます statement