E-learning 4/28/2020

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 4/28/2020

E-learning 4/28/2020


Level 1: 

I can: use object counter ~つ correctly in written sentences


Task: See my sample Doc on Google Classroom.

Following the sample, you will write 6 problems with counters:

For 1 and 2 just show an image of a number of things and give the correct counter (example, you show a pic of 7 lollipops, write ななつ)

For 3 and 4 Add Particle の and が あります (there are # objects) If you show a pic of three books, みっつ の ほん が あります Add the English: there are 3 books

for 5 and 6 add a person in:
If Ariana Grande is holding two hats: アリアナ は ふたつ の ぼうし が あります Again, add the English: Ariana Grande has two hats

Find JAPANESE words for your objects. The clobject Quizlet and the Jisho.org link are for reference.


Submit your Doc to the Drive


Level 2: 

I can: Correctly use time expressions such as "before" "after" "~:30" "around" and others



Choose 5 different time words to use in your sentences from:

Take 5 pics of things that you or someone did.

Arrange them in sequential order.

Write a sentence using your 5 time words, and ….

…..before 2, 3, 4, 5 begin withそれから、 ”And then” (this word is similar to そして)


Submit your Doc to the Drive


Level 3+4 

I can: use extender ~すぎます in conjunction with adjectives to say that a noun is "Too ~~" "too salty" "too amazing" "too dangerous" etc. 



See the Screencastify posted on our Google Classroom. Make a similar Doc with an "A. but B" format, and your own Screencastify where you voice-over your 5 sentences, using 5 different flavor adjectives from Lesson 4