E-learning 4/27

Posted by MICHAEL TSUGAWA on 4/27/2020

E-learning 4/27/2020 Monday


Level 1

I can: learn to use the counter ~つ to count objects, as opposed to using the counter ~にん for counting people


Task: On Google Classroom watch in order the two videos posted there, one with explanation, examples, and mnemonics, the other with the counter song. 

Using the 2 PDF references as necessary, count 3 different objects around you, using counters you learned today and particle の


Level 2

I can: learn time expressions, including specific minutes, AM/PM. and before after


Task: Watch Sensei's YouTube lesson posted on Google Classroom, and chant the minute counters along with me. After the 1st video, look at the PDF reference, and try to say the time aloud in the practice problems at the end of the 2nd video posted, from Japan Society New York


Level 3+4

I can: use extender ~すぎます with adjectives to say that it is "too~~" too hot, too cold, too boring, too awesome. I can also use this extender connected to a Verb Stem, to talk about actions done too much "think too much" "over-eat" "do too much E-learning" etc. 


Task: Watch the YouTube video I created and posted on Google Classroom. With your study guide (I explain the final grammar point) try to answer the 4-5 questions I post on Google classroom, answering the final one as a comment.