PSAT 8 on October 16, 2019

Posted by KAREN HARTMAN on 10/4/2019 8:40:00 AM

Hello Krueger 8th grade parents!


Your 8th grade student will be taking the PSAT 8 on October 16, 2019 this year.  I will be going into the classrooms to talk with them about the test and why we are taking it during the week of October 7, 2019.  There is nothing your student needs to do to prepare for this assessment other than getting a good night's rest and eating breakfast on October 16, 2019.  

I will be sending home a paper that explains the assessment during the week  of October 7, 2019.  Do ask your student for it.  Or I can email it to you if you prefer.  You can email me at  


The PSAT 8 is a required test for all 8th graders and has been for several years now.  It is useful for them to see how they would score when they take the PSAT in 10th grade.  The PSAT that they take in 10th grade is a measure that colleges look at for scholarship awarding, so it is an important assessment.  You and your student are the only ones who will receive their scores for the PSAT 8, so it is a low stakes testing and used for informational purposes only in gaging where they will need to prepare when they take the PSAT in 10th grade.

In the past, our students have done well on the PSAT 8.  It is a different style of testing than the iStep/iLearn.