Experts are warning parents on the Amino App

Posted by KAREN HARTMAN on 10/4/2019 8:40:00 AM is warning parents against the use of the Amino App for the following reasons as posted on the web site:


  • This is an anonymous app which can have a serious impact on your child
  • Law enforcement officials are warning parents about the Amino app and how it’s used by predators to target minors
  • Students who use the app can come across content that is mature, inappropriate, violent, or profane (in text, photo, or video format)
  • The app can be confusing to use which makes it easier for students to hide behavior from their parents
  • Since this is an anonymous app, everyone is a stranger and it’s likely that no one is who they say they are
  • Anyone can follow your profile
  • If you comment in a public community then anyone can see it


Suggested cell phone recommendations for parents from are below.  As a parent, I followed these recommendations, mostly because smart phones were not an option when my daughter was in middle and high school.  Even so, she did experience cyberbullying when she was in college, however, she was more mature and prepared to handle it when she was 18+ years old.  


I have spoken to a few students who are using Amino App and I have advised them to stay off it after they told me about it.  This was last week, so I believe our students are using this app.


What can parents do?

  • Follow our suggestions to help your child prepare for the responsibility of having a cell phone: 
    • Ages 0-10: No phone
    • Age 10: Cell phone safety contract
    • Ages 10-13: Flip phone (SMS/text, phone calls)
    • Age 14: Smartphone (without social media apps installed)
    • Age 15: Smartphone (with positive social media apps installed)

For more information on what this app is, you can read more at the following link: