Subaru Donations

   Thanks to the generosity of Subaru of America Indiana, we now have 3 vehicles to use as test units as well as class projects.  Red Line Transport donated their time and fuel to bring vehicles all the way back from Lafayette over winter break. 
   We were handed the keys to a 2009 Ruby Red Subaru Legacy, a green 2010 Subaru Outback, and a beautiful white 2011 Subaru Outback.  Though not brand new, these cars represent a large portion of the automotive market can provide the hands-on materials we need to train students on every vehicle system from engine and transmission, brakes and suspension, fuel systems and engine performance to accessories like audio systems and navigation.
   Huge thanks go out to Rick Johnson for Subaru who got us far more than we asked for when seeking these vehicles and Jack Ferrell of Red Line Transport for helping us find these cars a home.  This opportunity never would have been possible without them!
   Students have already begun disassembling and reassembling the cars for suspension and engine performance projects.  Once the cars are no longer usable for the school (hopefully many years from now), they will be crushed and the money earned from scrap metal will go directly to Subaru America so they can then donate it to charity.