'Cops' TV show staffer shot and killed during taping of robbery

Posted by Lendell Hood on 8/27/2014 3:00:00 PM

A suspect was killed and a crew member of the television show 'Cops' was shot and later died during a robbery incident that was being filmed for the show.The Omaha World Herald reports the incident began after an officer discovered a robbery in progress at a Wendy’s restaurant Tuesday night.Over 30 shots were fired after the officer called for backup, according to the report.The suspect was reportedly carrying a replica airsoft gun and was shot to death by police.A crew member was also hit and later died after being transported to a hospital in critical condition.Officials told the The Omaha World Herald that the only shots fired appeared to be from police.The crew had been filming police in Omaha over the summer.No officers were injured.
Should camera crews be allowed to follow police?


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