Fundraising is an ongoing event here at Edgewood. All money earned is spent on activities for the children. Please look for information to come home concerning fundraising and be ready to get involved and make your child's experience here at Edgewood a fantastic one.
 Other ways to earn money for our kids
The E.S.A. has a way to help our school and buy your
child a Halloween costume at the same time. It is so
easy and you won't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.
All you have to do is log onto: 
Once you are there, shop for what you want and go to the checkout. You will have to become a member, but if you are already a member that is fine too. Just click Enter Promo code and type FUN2034. Click apply code and our school will receive 15% of your sale. It is just that easy.
    There are other ways you can earn money for our kids just by doing what you do everyday
If you shop at Meijers, just get a Meijer card and use this code to give back to our school every time you shop:  361101
Do you do some shopping at GFS, next time you are there get a Gordons Fun Food Card and earn money for Edgewood every time you shop. You can also go online to
and enter 2283600 as your code and you will get a $10 discount on your first purchase. Every time you shop there after that Edgewood gets a % of what you spend.
 Don't shop at either of these places often, well you can help too. All you have to do is buy items from any store that have boxtops on them and send them to school with your child and we get 10 cents a piece. It doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up fast. The more box tops you clip the more money we get.
A new way we are earning money for our school is by saving receipts. All you have to do is save your receipts from any store and bring them to any family night, we will show you what to do. If you can't make the family night, just send the receipts with your child and we will take care of it for you.