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Jimmie Jar Wars... Coming Soon

Jar Wars kids
Student Council members are gearing up for one of the biggest events of the Coolspring school year:  JAR WARS!
Jar Wars will begin May 17 - and will conclude on May 20, with the annual indoor parade featuring classroom banners and special guest "Jimmie Jar Wars," who is expected to rollerblade through the hallways at top speed. The parade celebrates the "jar wars" taking place in the school office, to see which class can collect the most coins for charity.
Jar Wars is a longstanding Coolspring tradition that has benefited Riley Children's Hospital and other charities. Again this year, the anticipated $500+ in coins will be donated to help animals at the Washington Park Zoo. 
So, save those coins! Remember, each class will receive credit for PENNIES ... and to vote against another class, bring in SILVER COINS.