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Breaking News: CNN Turns 20

CNN anchors   
Three mornings a week, every week, student anchors prepare to go live on CNN Channel 4, the Coolspring News Network. They deliver news, sports, weather, and (of course!) the lunch menu. 
Coolspring Teacher Mr. Pearson, who is retiring this spring after more than 42 years, founded CNN in 1996. “Over the years, the show has had a number of special guests, including mayors, firefighters, teachers, and even Miss LaPorte County,” he says. “CNN has helped our student anchors develop poise and professionalism. We’ve also contributed to the success of a lot of school events.”
CNN crew members often go on to become anchors and tech team members at the BNN (Barker Middle School's TV news channel) and also anchors of the morning news at Michigan City High School. Who knows... maybe one day they'll work for the "real" CNN!
Here’s to another 20 years of success on air for the CNN team!