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Learning is FUN with New Technology

 Smart Board Math
You can feel the excitement in our classrooms as teachers have begun transforming lessons in a digital environment. Thanks to grant funding from the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission and other sources, new equipment is being installed and teacher training is taking place at all Michigan City Area Schools. 
Coolspring now has improved WiFi service, a new “Chromebox” in the computer lab, document cameras and large video screens in all classes, and new teacher laptops. 
In kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms (like Mrs. Riley’s second grade, above) students are using interactive “smart boards” to work on math together, to learn about sentence structure, and even to take virtual field trips to the Brooklyn Bridge. 
“The students are so engaged when they are using this technology,” says Mrs. Riley. “The color, the large print, and the movement are helping them understand new concepts quickly, and they’re having a lot of fun in the process.”
 Next fall, Chromebook computers will be provided for every student in grades 3-6, on classroom carts.