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2023 Wall of Fame Inductees

2023 Wall of Fame Inductees

On May 23, 2023, these five MCAS legends were inducted into the Michigan City Area Schools "And then Some" Wall of Fame. Kudos to Dan McNabb (former Choral Music Teacher), Renee' Buell (former Teacher), Karen Williams (former Principal and Teacher), Charlotte Cota (former Paraprofessional and Instructional Assistant), and Rich Lenard (former Teacher, Coach, and Assistant Athletic Director). Thank you all for your contributions to our school system and the incredible impact you have had on thousands of students!

Reneé  Buell
35 Years: 1980 - 2015

Positions: Special Education Teacher, Teacher
Locations: Central, Mullen, and Joy Elementary Schools

Charlotte Cota
17 Years: 1996 - 2014

Positions: Paraprofessional, Lunch Assistant,
Title 1 Assistant, Substitute Teacher and Librarian, Instructional Assistant, and Volunteer
Locations: Pine, Knapp, Joy, and Edgewood Elementary; Barker and Elston Middle Schools; and Rogers High School 

Richard Lenard
42 Years: 1972 - 2014

Positions: Social Studies and PE Teacher, Assistant Baseball and Football Coach, Head Baseball Coach, and Assistant Athletic Director
Locations: Rogers and Michigan City High Schools

Dan McNabb
27 Years: 1969 - 1996

Position: Choral Music Teacher
Locations: Jefferson, Long Beach, and Central Elementary Schools; Barker Jr. High; and Elston High School

Karen L. Williams
27 Years: 1981-1986, 1988-2010

Positions: Special Ed Teacher, Teacher, and Principal
Locations: Rogers High School; Barker Middle School; and Edgewood, Mullen, and Joy Elementary Schools