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LaPorte County Career and Technical Education Students Honored

The LaPorte County Career and Technical Education program at the A.K. Smith Career Center in Michigan City held its 2023 Awards Program on Friday, May 5h at the Holdcraft Performing Arts Center. During the program, seniors of the Technical Honor Society received a tassel to be worn at their high school graduations, and new students were inducted. Several students were also honored with scholarships and awards. 

The purpose of the Technical Honor Society is to honor students who have shown dedication, professionalism, and the skills necessary to be selected as the best of the best in their chosen Career and Technical Field. These students demonstrate that technical education is a viable, practical, and challenging educational path. 

The ceremony was led by LaPorte County CTE Director David Notary. Thirty-three students were inducted into the Society, representing six area high schools. They included: Lillian Adrian, Esperanza Arteaga, Davida Barney, Keona Briggs, Brandon Bubalo, Danielle Burgess, Bryanna Chambers, Ava Czerniak, Savannah Dennison, Makayla Elkins, Sara Emery, Jason Farlie, Sofia Garcia, Adrian Huizar, Ricardo Huizar, Alex Kryzak, Connor June, Tony Juskiewicz, Robert Lanchsweerdt, Summer McGee, Jason McWhirter, Tyrel Miller, Alejandro Mota-Lopez, Halle Novak, Grant Olson, Shakyra Parker, Samantha Schaffer, Wyatt Schoff, Jonathon Serrano, Dion Smith, Brayden Strand, Anastasia Timm, and George Wright.

Ninety-nine students received Dual Credits from Ivy Tech and 35 students were awarded Work Ethic Certificates.

Each CTE program at A. K. Smith also recognized an Outstanding Student of the Programs. They included: 
Automotive:  Brandon Bubalo
Career Skills: Allison Pope
Construction AK:  Grant Olson
Construction New Prairie: Tony Juszkiewicz
Cosmetology: Esperanza Arteaga
Criminal Justice: Tyrel Miller
Culinary: Isaac Williams
Education Professions: Alysa DeFelice
EMT: Angelo Ciccarelli
Energy Academy: Wyatt Schoff
Fire Science & Rescue: Olivia Ruiz
Health Careers I: Sofia Garcia
Health Careers II: Summer McGee
Modern Machine Technology: Connor June
Visual & Digital Communications:  Sara Villa
Welding Technology: Kyle Yackus

Each year. a student representative from each high school served by the LaPorte County Career and Technical Education program is selected as the Outstanding Student of the Schools. This year’s recipients were: 

La Porte High School: Alexa Esqueda (Cosmetology)
Michigan City High School: Esperanza Arteaga (Cosmetology)
New Buffalo High School: Amelia Sheldon (Education Professions)
New Prairie High School: Robert Lanchsweerdt (Automotive)
South Central High School: George Wright (Health Careers I)
Tri-Township High School: Noah Doms (Energy Academy)
Westville High School: William Marshall (Automotive)

The LaPorte County CTE’s top honor, the “Outstanding Student of A.K. Smith” was awarded to Isabella Garcia who is a Health Careers II student from Michigan City High School.                 

Other students who received special recognition included: 

  • 2023 Jim Wallace Memorial Award – Shakyra Parker
  • Brad Cohen Award – Piper Phillips
  • Tej Ram Gupta Scholarship – Alysa DeFelice, Dylan Rogers, Kamar Scully
  • Jim Marks Memorial Scholarship - Jason Farlie, Tony Juszkiewicz