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Enchanted Backpack Makes a Special Delivery at Marsh Elementary

Enchanted Backpack Makes a Special Delivery at Marsh Elementary

Local school receives more than $40,000 in supplies

MICHIGAN CITY - August 25, 2022 - Rain couldn’t dampen the excitement at Marsh Elementary School on Thursday morning, as the Enchanted Backpack organization dropped off more than $40,000 in much-needed supplies. The company’s delivery vans were greeted by Marsh students, who lined Homer Street with signs and smiles.


“This means so much to us,” said Marsh Principal Moniqua Neal. “Our teachers pour so much passion into what they do, making sure the needs of our students are met. Often, they end up making purchases out of their own pocket for supplies. This donation from Enchanted Backpack will help our school in so many ways, allowing us to continue educating students, while also meeting other needs.”

Among the items donated to Marsh by the Illinois-based non-profit organization were books, shirts, shoes, coats, hygiene products, classroom supplies, and other educational tools.

Megan Smith, Social Worker at Marsh, wrote the initial application to Enchanted Backpack. She said her goal was to receive a donation of coats for her students. “It gets so cold in the winter months, and we see children coming to school with coats that are just not warm enough for this climate. We realize that some families struggle financially and can’t afford new coats, so with this donation we will be able to provide those students with a warm coat and let them focus on learning rather than staying warm.”

According to Jackson Chandler, a representative for Enchanted Backpack who helped deliver Marsh’s gift, the organization serves schools where 50 percent or more of students qualify for free/reduced meals, and where students and staff are actively engaged in their communities. “One of my favorite things, when we go into schools, is knowing that teachers appreciate the fact that they can teach their kids what it means to give back to the community,” he said.

Volunteers from the Michigan City Police Department, including eight new officers, were on hand to help unload the large donation.

Marty Corley, who serves as MCPD Assistant Chief as well as President of the Michigan City Area Schools Board of Trustees, said he appreciated the donation to Marsh, but also the opportunity to teach young officers about serving their community.

“Being a police officer is more than just protecting our community,” he said. “We also need to give back to our community, and this was a perfect opportunity for us. As officers on the street, we see people in need every day, and by helping one of our local elementary schools, we can help meet a need, and also set an example for the next generation.”


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