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MCAS Music Students Earn Gold, Silver


Barker Middle School Clarinet Quintet Members

Barker Middle School's Clarinet Quintet

Ten Michigan City Area Schools students earned awards at the Indiana State School Music Association’s solo and ensemble competition on January 28, which was held at Kankakee Valley Middle School. They include:

From Barker Middle School:

  • Delaina Adams, Flute Solo, Gold
  • Jessica Wilhelm, Clarinet Solo, Silver
  • Joshua Wilhelm, Trombone Solo, silver
  • Jessica Wilhelm, Gwyneth Sardon, Anastasia Attar, Mia Taylor, and Heather Fennell; Clarinet Quintet, Gold

From Krueger Middle School

  • Korah Deleon, Alto Saxophone Solo, Gold
  • Erica Galindo, Clarinet Solo, Gold

From Michigan City High School:

  • Lauren Summa, Flute Solo, Silver

Vocalists from Michigan City High School, Barker Middle School, Krueger Middle School, and Pine Elementary School took part in the Indiana State School Music Association’s District Solo and Ensemble contest on February 4 at Kankakee Valley Middle School.

McKenna Bluhm, Rachel McLaughlin, Jasmine Williams, Alexis Thompson, Bailee Laux, Hayley Catchings, Alexis Zimmerle, Autumn W Lauren Werner, Jenna Dawson

From MCHS; Left: McKenna Bluhm, Rachel McLaughlin, Jasmine Williams, Alexis Thompson, Bailee Laux, Hayley Catchings, Alexis Zimmerle, Autumn Wilson, Brensley Gambill, Brittney Adams, Amanda Sparks, Annie Wilson, Bria Thomas. Right: Lauren Werner, Jenna Dawson

Congratulations to the following students, who earned top ratings at the contest:

From Michigan City High School:

  • McKenna Bluhm, Solo, Gold
  • Hayley Catchings, Solo, Gold
  • Jenna Dawson, Solo, Gold
  • Ashlee Orman, Solo, Silver
  • Myshalya Thompson, Solo, Silver
  • Neva Panayi, Solo, Gold
  • Felicia Skelton, Solo, Gold
  • Lauren Werner, Solo, Gold
  • Jasmine Williams, Alexius Thompson, and Samarah Williams, Ensemble, Gold
  • Amanda Sparks, Adnie Wilson and McKenna Bluhm, Ensemble, Gold
  • Jenna Dawson, Bailee Laux and Jasmine Williams, Ensemble, Gold
  • Brensley Gambill, Autumn Wilson, Rachel McLaughlin, Amanda Sparks, Brittney Adams, Bria Thomas, Adnie Wilson, Bailee Laux and Lexi Zimmerle, Ensemble, Gold

Barker Middle School

  • Delaina Adams, Solo, Gold
  • Jasmine Berndt, Solo, Gold
  • Jamya Gill, Solo, Gold
  • Isabelle Eaton, Solo, Gold
  • Julia Ringstad, Solo, Gold
  • Gweyth Sardon, Solo, Gold
  • Jessica Wilhelm, Solo, Gold
  • Dyana Williams, Solo, Gold
  • Madison Wittenburg, Solo, Gold
  • Julia Ringstad, Delaina Adams, Gwenyth Sardon, Dyana Adams, Jasmine Berndt, and Isabelle Eaton, Ensemble, Gold

Barker Winners

Dyana Williams, Gwenyth Sardon, Delaina Adams, Jessica Wilhelm, Jamya Gill, Jasmine Berndt, Isabelle Eaton, Julia Ringstad, Madison Whittenburg

Krueger Middle School

  • Taydius Heard, Solo, Gold
  • Erica Knudsen, Solo, Gold
  • Athena Krueger, Solo, Gold
  • Michael Lakin, Solo, Silver
  • Natori Troutman, Solo, Gold
  • Emilly Caddo, Dajiunna Corley, Summyia Garrett, Thalia Klosinski, Erica Knudsen, Marissa Mantel, Morgan Nevills, Caitlyn West, Alissa Woolum, Erica Green, Antoinette Sanders, Shiann Smith, Kiasia Tillman, and Linda Will, Ensemble, Gold
  • Diasha Smith, Natori Troutman, Athena Krueger, Erica Knudsen, Michael Lakin, and Taydius Heard, Ensemble, Gold

Krueger Winners Krueger Winners

Erica Knudsen, Linda Will, Marissa Mantel; and Thalia Klosinski, Antoinette Sanders, Deavionne Whiting

Pine Elementary Arts Magnet School

  • Brooklyn Accardi, Solo, Gold
  • Phillip Frames, Solo, Gold
  • Halle Hood, Solo, Silver
  • Danaka Howard, Solo, Gold
  • Marie Lampton, Solo, Gold
  • Kyla Mashburn, Solo, Silver
  • Mia Pantino, Solo, Gold
  • Andi Pedroza, Solo, Silver
  • Serenity Rodriguez, Solo, Gold


Back row: Serenity Rodriguez, Marie Lampton, Kyla Mashburn, Phillip Frames, and Danaka Howard; Front row: Brooklyn Accardi, Mia Patino, Halle Hood, and Andi Pedroza