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MCHS Students Fighting Hunger

Student Hunger Drive  
CONGRATULATIONS, MCHS - WE DID IT! Thanks to all who donated to our high school's amazing Student Hunger Drive. 
Canned Food Drive Summary

Week 1 (Pie in Officer Campbell’s face) 1,095 cans; $33.70

Week 2 (Domino’s Pizza and New Age Baking Company cupcakes) $352

Week 3 (Push up contest) 210 cans; $66.15

Week 4 (Jean’s Day) $292

Week 5 (1st hour drive) 520 cans

Week 6 (Cans to Sadies) – 401 cans  (Teacher Jean’s Week) $280


Pounds of cans MCHS raised: 3,207

(We raised more pounds in cans than the weight of a Mini Cooper, U-Haul Trailer, sailboat, and medium missile)

Amount of money donated: $1,077.25

Total amount of pounds of food (6 pounds of food donated for every $1 along with different incentive programs from Student Hunger Drive group)

11,235 pounds of food 

Rishi loading   presentation   
weighing   classroom