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2023-2024 Barker STEM Fair Round 2 Results

Why STEM?  Why study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? “STEM education is paramount for shaping the future, driving innovation, and securing economic prosperity. According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 24%, while other occupations are growing at 4%. Even in non-STEM careers, holders of STEM degrees tend to earn higher incomes. Professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sectors are instrumental in fostering the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. economy, playing a pivotal role in securing the nation’s future success.  STEM education goes beyond imparting knowledge; it nurtures critical thinking skills, enhances scientific literacy, and cultivates the next generation of trailblazers and problem solvers.” – (Feb 28, 2023)

Barker Middle School is a STEM school!  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the focus.  As part of our goals as a STEM school, EVERY student at Barker was required to complete a STEM Fair project for the 2nd grading period for Round 1.  Round 1 was held in their Science classes.  Students created a Google Slideshow presentation about their project.

Seventeen students qualified for Round 2 which was held on Thursday, January 18th.  Students shared their slide presentations with judges and answered questions.  Judging was based on Scientific Thought, Creative Ability, Thoroughness, Technical Skill, Clarity, and Dramatic Value of their slideshow.  

Judges:  Maria Surma & Bruce Starek (both retired Barker Science teachers)

Barker Science Teachers:     Joyce Murphy, 8th; Charles Krueger, 8th and 7th; Val Mecklenburg, 7th

STEM Fair Coordinator & Moderator:  Amy Hamann, STEM Teacher & STEM Coordinator

CONGRATS to the Students that advanced to STEM Fair Round #2:  

7th Grade:  Layla Briggs, Lila Brown, Molly Chavis, Carson Groszek, Luke Hamilton, Abigeal Jones, Miles Santana, Cameron Seiler, Madison Sobus, Ireland White

8th Grade:  Ay’Shauna Finch, Lia Kempfer, Leah Pollock, Litzy Serrano, Cali Stifler, Zarieah Turner, Brachelle Wright


3rd Place: 7th grade, “How does size, material, and knowledge affect the recognition of sound?”, Ireland White

2nd Place:   8th grade, “How does the color of food and drinks affect the taste of it?”, Leah Pollock

1st Place:    8th grade, “What happens to a ball’s flight based on material used?”, Ay’Shauna Finch

Creative Research Award:   8th grade, “How do different floral bases affect the scent of a perfume?”, Lia Kempfer

Grand Champion:  7th grade, “How does type affect fat content?”, by Molly Chavis