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Barker STEM Community Challenge "Gummy Bears in Space!"

Barker Middle School celebrated National Engineers Week 2023 with a STEM Community Challenge "Gummy Bears in Space!".  Barker students and 4 sixth grade elementary schools competed against each other.  Students were challenged to build a device to launch a gummy bear the longest distance AND accurately. Students competed in a Preliminary Round at their school ran by Barker STEM Teacher--Mrs. Hamann. Barker students competed in Preliminary Rounds also. Elite devices built by student engineering teams advanced to compete in a final round held in Barker's gym on Friday February 24th.


RESULTS "Gummy Bears in Space!" Final Competition


Distance Round:

(Pictured Left to right)  

3rd Place:  Edgewood "Albert Einsteins" (6th grade)

2nd Place:  Lake Hills--Asyria Williams (6th grade)

1st Place:  Knapp--Dallas (6th grade)


Accuracy Round:

(Pictured Left to right) 

3rd Place:  Lake Hills--Sam Soller (6th grade)

2nd Place:  Barker Mr. Lasky's CREW (8th grade)

1st Place:  Barker Mrs. Colvin's CREW (7th grade)