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Barker STEM Fair Round 2 Results!

STEM fair

Why STEM? Why study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? STEM Careers are projected to grow to more than 9 million by 2022!
Barker Middle School is a STEM school! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the focus. As part of our goals as a STEM school, EVERY student at Barker was required to complete a STEM Fair project for the 2nd grading period for Round 1. Round 1 was held in their Science classes. Students created a Google Slideshow presentation about their project.
Twenty students qualified for Round 2 which was held on Thursday, January 19th. Students shared their slide presentations with judges and answered questions. Judging was based on the Scientific Thought, Creative Ability, Thoroughness, Technical Skill, Clarity, and Dramatic Value of their slideshow.
Judges: Maria Surma & Bruce Starek (both retired Barker Science teachers)
Barker Science Teachers: Joyce Murphy, 8th; Charles Krueger, 8th and 7th; Val Mecklenburg, 7th
STEM Fair Coordinator & Moderator: Amy Hamann, STEM Teacher & STEM Coordinator
CONGRATS to the Students that advanced to STEM Fair Round #2:
7th Grade:
Briona Boyd, Tommy Dombkowski, Saniya Joyce, Chris Lawhorn, Alex Mallon, Isabella Serrano, Thalia Smiertelny, Litzy Serrano, and Ay’Shauna Finch
8th Grade:
Charlotte Biela, Veronica Barnes, Whyatt Debald, Thomas Chatfield, Cody Doyle, MJ Sardon, Ryan Fisher, Donovan Joseph, John Kiser, Luch Murphy, and Kara Potts
3rd Place: 8th grade, “What is the dirtiest surface in Barker?”, Donovan Joseph
2nd Place: 8th grade, “How do braces affect the amount of bacteria in your mouth?”, Lucy Murphy
1st Place: 8th grade, “How will changing the weight of the counterweight affect how far the projectile can be shot?”, MJ Sardon
Creative Research Award: 8th grade, “What is Hydroponics?”, Ryan Fisher
Grand Champion: 7th grade, “How much lead is in local waters?”, Alex Mallon

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