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Barker STEM Fair Top Students!

Barker held the annual STEM Fair.  Every student completed an experimental project in their Science classes for Round #1.  Elite projects advanced to Round #2 for community judging. Judging was both in person & virtual. There were 22 projects that advanced.  Congratulations to our top 4 students!!
Below Winners Picture (left to right): Abigail McClead, Wyatt Debald, Dei Oldenkamp, & Alexis Gresham
Judges: Retired Teachers from Barker: Maria Surma (Science & Math) & Bruce Starek (Science) (Bruce judged via Zoom)
3rd Place:  8th grade, Abigail McClead, "How does light pollution affect the number of visible stars in the sky?"
2nd Place:  7th grade, Wyatt Debald, "How does food type affect glucose content?"
1st Place:  7th grade, Dei Oldenkamp, "How do LED lights work together to affect a 3D image?"
Grand Champion:  8th grade, Alexis Gresham, "How does the location of soil affect the pH of that soil?"