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Barker STEM Class Tops in "Tower of Power PART 3"

Barker is 2 for 3 against Coolspring 6th grade in "Tower of Power" STEM Community Challenge Contests!

Full story, more results, and pictures in link below:

Barker STEM Class "Tower of Power PART 3" 2021 Fluor Engineering Challenge

Barker’s high scores using the calculation were:

123  Luna & Brandon (7th grade)  1st PLACE

80  Nolan & Ryan (8th grade)  4th PLACE

76  Luke C. & JaTaveon (7th grade)

74  Sara G. (8th grade)

65  Grace & Nathaniel (7th grade)

64 Jeremiah & Nathan (8th grade)

50  Emma & Sahara (7th grade)

Coolspring 6th Grade high score calculations were:

116  “Mr. Tall”  2nd PLACE

89  “Its Kay Hart”  3rd PLACE

67  “I Lost”