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"STEM Class" Holds a Virtual STEM Community Challenge!

Barker Middle School “STEM Class” held the  first STEM Community Challenge competition this week---”Virtual-Style”!!  Barker’s “STEM Class” is a brand new class this year taught by Mrs. Hamann, Barker’s STEM Coordinator.  The “STEM Class” is a Project-Based, hands-on, minds-on class that centers around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Infused into class activities are 21st century skills of Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Communication (“The 4 C’s), which are skills needed in any career field in students’ future.  Students are exposed to the Engineering Design Process Standards, Employability Standards, and Career Exploration Standards.  Students will utilize modern technology tools in class such as tablets (several different apps for creating projects), Virtual Reality, coding with Drones, and a 3-D printer.  The main goal….to make STEM come to life (and have Fun!).

Students competed in the “Tower of Power Challenge!”, “Virtual-Style”.  The challenge consisted of individual students using a 50 minute build time limit to build the tallest free-standing tower possible with ONLY 12 straws (bendy style) and scissors. Community Challengers included Barker’s Principal, Mr. Synder, Ms. Will’s Lake Hills Elementary School 6th grade class, and two of Ms. Rubeck’s 6th grade classes from Coolspring Elementary School.  Classes had a “build time day” with a “results day” using a Zoom meeting platform to compare tower heights.  3rd Place, 2nd Place, and 1st Place Champs are listed below, based on the 6 STEM Class periods.  The TOP Barker Tower Height was 111 cm, the TOP Coolspring Tower Height was 105 cm, and the TOP Lake Hills Tower Height was 114 cm.  Way to Go!!

"Tower of Power" STEM Community Challenge RESULTS & Pictures