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Barker Celebrates National Engineers Week STEM Challenge Style

Barker celebrated 2020 National Engineers Week, February 17-21st, STEM Challenge Style!

Barker STEM Community Challenge "Ramp Challenge"

Barker students competed in a STEM Community Challenge the "Ramp Challenge" to celebrate the week.  Barker challenged 6th grades from Coolspring and Edgewood Elementary Schools.  Students were challenged to build a ramp only of the supplied materials that would roll a ping pong ball the farthest using only the force of gravity.  Supplied materials consisted of:  1 file folder, 3 sheets of copy paper, 4 straws, 30 cm of masking tape, scissors, and 1 ping pong ball for testing.  Mrs. Haman, 7th//8th Science Teacher & STEM Coordinator, conducted preliminary rounds at the elementary schools to establish the two top teams that would advance to the finale.

Barker Middle School held a "Ramp Challenge" build day during which a block of time during the morning on February 18th was spent researching, discussing, planning, building and testing ramp ideas for the community challenge in small student teams.  Students analyzed ramp heights in relationship to mathematical themes of slope, discussing and testing different vertical (rise) and horizontal (run) elements of ramps.  These themes were incorporated due to the scoring of the "Ramp Challenge" which involved multiplying ramp trial averages with the ramp's height.  The top ramp from each teacher's IMPACT class competed in Preliminary Rounds on February 19th.  The top two ramps from each hallway Team advanced to the finale round.

The finale round was held on Friday, February 21st in Barker's gym.  Mrs. Hamann and Mr. Snyder, Assistant Principal, proctored the finale round.  Barker students from Mrs. Rothermel's Digital Arts class were part of a photo crew and Science students were part of the measurement crew.

3rd Place:  Barker's Mr. Eldridge

2nd Place:  Barker's Ms. Ackerson

1st Place:  Coolspring, 6th grade, "AGA" Team

Barker's next STEM Community Challenge is "Water Bottle Rockets" on Thursday, May 21st, which will be held at Ames Field.  The event is an annual final STEM celebration in its sixth year.