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Barker STEM Community Challenge "Gummy Bears in Space!"

In November, Barker Middle School, local Elementary Schools, and community groups participated in the STEM Community Challenge "Gummy Bears in Space!"  Coolspring elementary, Edgewood elementary, and Pine elementary competed in Preliminary Rounds and the top teams advanced to the Finale on Friday, November 22nd for American Education Week.  Barker's IMPACT classes also competed in Preliminary Rounds to advance to the Finale.  Teams were challenged to build a catapult device to launch a gummy bear the FARTHEST and the MOST ACCURATE (a target was used) with only the supplies given.  Michigan City Police Department took on the top elementary challengers and the top Barker challengers.

"Gummy Bears in Space!" RESULTS 2019

 Congratulations to Barker's Ms. Colvin's and Mr. Eldridge's IMPACT advancing Teams who placed 1st for DISTANCE and ACCURACY!!

"Gummy Bears in Space!" Pictures