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5th Annual STEM Community Challenge Water Bottle Rockets

Barker held the 5th annual STEM Community Challenge year end finale "Water Bottle Rockets" at Ames Field on Friday, May 17th.  Preliminary rounds were held at Barker and 4 elementary schools to detemine those water bottle rocket teams that advanced to the Ames Field event.  Three community challengers were also involved:  KTR Corporation, Michigan City Police Department, and Sullair Corporation.

3rd Place:  Coolspring 6th grade "Neato Burrito", 6.25 seconds

2nd Place:  Barker Ms. Grabowski's IMPACT, 7.03 seconds

1st Place:  Barker Mr. Sebert's IMPACT, 11.38 seconds (pictured below)

Barker Water Bottle Rocket FULL RESULTS 2019

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