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Barker STEM Community Challenge "Egg Crash!"

Barker hosted the first STEM Community Challenge of the school year "Egg Crash!" FINALE on Monday, November 12th in honor of American Education Week.  Barker 7th and 8th grade students competed against local 5th and 6th grade teams from Coolpspring, Knapp, and Pine along with community groups including Michigan City Police Department, KTR Corporation, and Barker's Dean Mr. Snyder.  Barker students and elementary students competed in preliminary rounds to determine the teams that would advance to the FINALE round.

Michigan City Fire Department helped with the FINALE launches with their bucket truck "T-Rex".  MCFD launched the "Egg Crash!" devices from 40, 60, and 80 foots heights.  Nine out of twenty-five "Egg Crash!" devices helped their egg to survive the 80 foot fall.



Barker STEM Community Challenge "Egg Crash!" FINALE