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Championship Readers!

On November 14th, 10 of Springfield's 6th graders participated in a competition called "Name That Book," involving 6th graders from across LaPorte County. Springfield had two teams participate and one of our teams made it to the championship round. 
"Name That Book" is a program put on by the LaPorte County Public Libraries. Each team of students read 15 books, and during the competition they answered three rounds of questions, consisting of 45 questions in each round. After the third round, scores for all three rounds were added up and the top 6 teams made it to the championship.  
"Springfield was thrilled to participate in this competition because it gave our 6th graders a chance to read a variety of texts while working with other peers who might not be in their classroom," said Mrs. Martinez, who sponsored our teams. "The students had a great time and worked very hard to prepare for the competition!"