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STEM Day at Michigan City High School

Lake Hills fifth graders traveled to Michigan City High School on Friday, April 15th for a "STEM Day" with high school science students.

Twenty-four MCHS science students ran the program, which took place in the library media center and included stations for Biology, Chemistry, Human Body Systems, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology. Working with the older students, the fifth graders dissected and compared preserved specimens, made slime, looked at cells through a microscope, and learned to take vitals. They also pretended to be red blood cells, racing each other through a heart mapped out with tape on the floor. The "shock" of the day, however, was playing with the Van der Graaf generator!
The project was coordinated by MCHS teacher Mrs. Gresham and Lake Hills STEM specialist Mrs. Deutscher. Other collaborating teachers included Miss Dege, Mr. Marz, Mr. Jasicki, and Ms. Zahrt.
"The kids really seemed to look up to our students acting as teachers today, and everyone seemed to really love doing science together!" said Mrs. Gresham.
Check out these photos of our exciting STEM Day!