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Veterans Day Guest

 Yagelski speaking
Retired Joy Elementary School Custodian Ted Yagelski visited Joy Elementary School on Thursday, November 12, to speak with third graders about veterans and Veterans Day. Mr. Yagelski, a Korean War Veteran, is a member of the Michigan City American Legion Post 451, and has visited with students at Joy each Veterans Day for more than 10 years!
After showing a video about veterans, Mr. Yagelski fielded many questions about his service in the U.S. Army, which he entered at age 19 after being drafted. Children asked him about the cause of the Korean War (Mr. Yagelski's answer: governments disagreed and we went to help them with democracy), the types of vehicles used back then (answer: jeeps, trucks, and armored tanks), food in the Army (answer: lots of things in cans), and whether or not soldiers are rich (Answer: no). 
Thank you, Mr. Yagelski and Thank You to ALL Veterans!