• English Learner Program

    Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Immigrant Students

    Kids Students in the Michigan City Area Schools bring with them a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. Because language barriers can impede the learning of students whose first language is not English, Michigan City Area Schools has developed the Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient (LEP) program. In the LEP program, classroom teachers, LEP instructional assistants and parents work together to provide LEP students the support needed to learn a new language in a new place.

    The language instruction for the Limited English Proficient Program supports over 180 students in MCAS elementary, middle and high schools. 

    LEP instruction assists students from more than 100 different home language backgrounds in learning and demonstrating an understanding of English. Levels of proficiency are assigned to students based upon the Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey. Students are assessed annually either in the fall, winter, or spring dependent upon their date of initial enrollment into the school district. A letter with the students’ individual information regarding level, interpretation of level, number of tutorial sessions per week, and a contact for concerns and questions is sent to each participating family. 
    The Indiana English Language Proficiency standards are utilized to inform instruction and to guide appropriate classroom modifications for LEP students.
    If your child needs ENL services, please contact the school principal.