Club Explore



    What is Club Explore?

    • Club Explore is the Safe Harbor after-school enrichment program at Michigan City High School.
    • Club Explore provides a safe, fun environment for students to gather, hang out with friends, and learn new things.
    • Club Explore provides an opportunity for students to explore different activities, hobbies, and careers.

    What do students do at Club Explore?

    • Students participate in daily academic support, diverse enrichment programs, and fun activities. Areas of interest include:
      • Competetive robotics (RoboBlitz)
      • Carpentry and woodworking
      • 3-D printing
      • Web design & engineering
      • Entrepreneurial Academy
      • Esports
      • VR Adventures
      • Art and hobby activities

    When & where does Club Explore meet?

    • Club Explore is in session every day that regular school is in session, Mondays - Thursdays.
    • Club Explore starts in the cafeteria at 2:15 for a snack then moves to the Tech Ed department for enrichment.

    What else should I know about Club Explore?

    • Bus transportation home at 4:45 on an MCAS bus is provided for students who live within the city limits.
    • Parents can also pick students up at Door D by the tennis courts by 5:00 PM.
    • There is no fee for Club Explore at this time.

    How do I sign up for Club Explore?

    • Parents or guardians who wish to have their students participate can complete an online registration form here.