E-Learning Project For All Springfield Artists Due 5/20/20

  • Hello Springfield Shark Artists! Welcome to the extended elearning time in art. I am excited to share lessons and videos with you during this time.

    • Your extended elearning project will be creating a sketchbook full of drawings, collages, and paintings that you create and bring back to school when you return.
    • Throughout this project we will explore materials, techniques, and learn about artists and art history.
    • I will share prompts but ultimately there are only two main goals that I am looking for when grading your project:

    1. Your drawings on each page need to fill the page.

    2. They need to be both outlined AND colored in to count as complete.   

     Helpful materials:

    Empty cereal box

    Scrap papers




    Drawing materials (pencils, crayons, markers, etc)

    Paints and brushes



    Copy paper

    Old coloring books

    Scrap papers

    Wrapping papers

     Creating the sketchbook: 

    Step 1

    Step 2 

    Other ways to make a sketchbook: Here

    Packet with links to step by step drawings for each grade level: HERE

     Websites with awesome tutrials to fill your sketchbook up with:

     Art Hub

     Cassie Stephens

     Deep Space Sparkle


     As always please email if you have any questions or concerns. eledyard@mcas.k12.in.us