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    What is an eLearning Day?
    eLearning days were developed by the Indiana Department of Education to allow learning to continue on inclement weather days. It allows students to continue learning when school is closed due to weather, and it takes the place of snow make-up days. eLearning days also may be used to allow teachers to participate in professional development.

    When will MCAS begin using eLearning Days?
    Our school district will be ready for eLearning in January 2019, after students return from Winter Break.

    How will I know if the district has an eLearning day?
    This information will be posted on the Michigan City Area Schools website and communicated through other means (e.g. social media, text messages, and local media) when the decision to close schools is announced.

    How will my child receive their assignments for the day?
    Teachers will post assignments on their teacher webpages by 9:00 am on the eLearning day. Lessons will take place through learning platforms that teachers and students already use regularly (Class Dojo, Google Classroom, Blackboard, email, etc.)

    What if my child has an IEP, ILP, or has accommodations during the school day?
    Teachers of students with an IEP or ILP will be contacting families to review the plan for eLearning days. Students who receive related services for OT/PT/Speech will have their time made up during another regular school day if they missed their assigned time. If a child receives walk-in speech services, then you will need to reschedule with the provider on inclement weather eLearning days.

    Does my child have to be on a computer for the length of the school day?
    No. eLearning days are designed to give families flexibility according to family needs and schedule.

    What if my child doesn’t understand how to complete some or all of the work?
    The assignments are designed to continue learning that has been ongoing in the classroom. They will not include new content. Teachers will be checking email periodically throughout the eLearning day and will be available when school reopens to answer any questions. Students will have three days to turn in completed work after the eLearning day takes place.

    What if my child has technical problems with district issued Chromebooks or passwords on an eLearning day?
    The Technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2000, ext. 8359. (For questions about homework or class work, please contact the classroom teacher.)

    When is my child expected to turn in eLearning assignments?
    Students will have three days to complete assignments and turn them in to their teacher(s).

    How is attendance taken on an eLearning Day?
    Completed student work turned in within three days of school reopening after an eLearning day will be used to determine attendance on the eLearning day.

    What if we don’t have internet access at home?
    For three days following an eLearning day, your child’s school will provide students with opportunities before and after school to access technology to complete eLearning assignments. Your school will announce hours for these opportunities in advance. In addition, MCAS will maintain a list of businesses and organizations in the community that provide free WiFi.

    What if my child doesn’t complete the assignments on time?
    Students who do not complete the assignment within three days will be marked absent. If you have extenuating circumstances, please talk with your child’s teacher or building principal for guidance.

    What are schools doing to prepare for eLearning days?
    School staff began planning for eLearning days during Spring 2018 and continued professional development this fall. Teachers will be reviewing procedures and practicing with students throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

    Is there eLearning on a day when school is delayed?
    No. School will be in session on 2-hour delay days, as usual.

    How does this pertain to students from other high schools who attend A.K. Smith Career Center?
    When MCAS has an eLearning day, all A. K. Smith Career Center students will log in to complete their work as assigned by their A.K. Smith teachers. This includes both students who attend MCHS and also those from other high schools. In addition, students also will follow their own school district's procedures for the second portion of the day. For example, if their home high school is not having a snow day, they should report to school for those classes. If their home high school is also having a snow day and uses eLearning, they should participate in eLearning for the classes they would have attended there, as well.

    Have a question about eLearning that isn’t answered here? Email communications@educateMC.net.

    Updated 11/13/18