e-Learning Day

Today's Date is February, 18, 2019. Your child was given a packet of work to do for today's learning. If you choose to work on the lessons below, you will not need to complete the packet of work. Please work on your I-Ready math and Reading path each day we have eLearning. Here are your assignments for today's eLearning. I will be available throughout the day via e-mail at mhannah@mcas.k12.in.us if you have any questions. Do your best and I will see you when we return to school. Have fun with your learning today! Use your stamina and daily habits to help you complete your work!

  • Today's date is February 18, 2019.

    Second Grade

    E-Learning I Can Statements:


    I Can...

    I can ask questions about key details in a text.

    I can answer questions about what happens in a text.

    I can demonstrate my understanding of a text by asking and answering questions.

    Steps of the lesson...

    Watch Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Read Aloud.  Click the link below.

    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


    Work to be turned in...

    Answer Questions on piece of paper to turn.

    1. Why is Alexander sure his day is going to be bad before he even has had his breakfast?

    2. Why do you think Mrs. Dickens likes Paul’s picture better than Alexander’s picture?

    3. How do you think Alexander feels after talking to Paul?

    4. What do you think about how Alexander handled his problem with Paul?  What would you have done differently?

    5.  Alexander’s mom said that everybody has days like the one that Alexander had.  Do you agree? Why?

    I Can...

    I can identify a number pattern.

    I can complete a number pattern.

    Steps of the Lesson...

    Watch the video.  

    Adding Multiple Digit Numbers

    Practice math game for place value practice for ten minutes.  Choose the analog clock for the game.

    Sum of All Dice


    Work to be turned in...  on a separate sheet of paper.

    1. 47




    2. 32




    3. 23




    4. 88




    5. 50





    I Can...

    I can write sentences about a topic and use correct capitilization, punctuation and spelling.

    Steps of the Lesson...  Watch the video.

    Sentence Fragment

    Work to be turned in… on a separate sheet of paper.


    Use the skills you’ve learned from the videos for your writing. 1. Write two sentences that end with a period.

    2. Write two asking sentences that end with a question mark.

    3. Write two exciting sentences that end with an exclamation mark.


    I Can...

    I can complete lessons on iReady at my level of ability.

    Steps of the Lesson...

    Work for 20 minutes on iReady Reading.

    Work for 20 minutes on iReady Math.

    Log into Clever

    Work to be turned in...

    You do not need to turn in any work. I can look at the report on the website to make sure minutes have been completed. Science

    I Can...

    I can learn about severe weather.

    Steps of the Lesson...  Watch the video.

    What’s a Blizzard?

    Work to Turn In... On a separate sheet of paper write your answers in complete sentences.

    1. What is a blizzard?

    2. What are the two different types of snow?

    3. Give one detail about blowing snow.

    4. Give one example of drifting snow.


    Specials for today:  Art    

    Please go to Mrs. Lakin's teacher site to see your art assignment for today.