• Welcome to Sixth Grade.
    2017-2018 School Year 
    "Small changes eventually add up to huge results."Unknown 
    It's always a pleasure to meet new faces. Let me first take time to introduce myself. Hi! I am Rachel Ward. In 1999, I graduated from MCHS and traveled to Ball State University to pursue my education career. In 2002, I returned in search of career. Instead,  I quickly found my future husband. He is a United States Army Veteran. During the time he was enlisted, I was able to travel across seas to places such as England, Holland, and Germany. Although far away lands are intriguing, I always have wanted to support my hometown community. Therefore my husband and I still call Michigan City our home. Since our travels, we have built an amazing family. We have two beautiful girls, Maliyah is 9 and Brynlee is 6. We also have a German Shepard, Chevy.
    My passion is learning. I never, ever think people should stop learning. In 2012, I obtained my masters in technology and curriculum. I am hoping one day to bring the 21st century into the classrooms. It's my pleasure to share my passion with your child. This will be my eleventh year of teaching! Here's to a great year! 
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