Extendend Learning Monday, May 11


    IMPORTANT NOTE! We will now be doing our extended learning on only Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Special Teachers (Gym, Art, and Music) will be posting one assignment a week on Monday.  Do your best to complete each assignment by Wednesday.


    Below is the list of all of assignments.  If you go to Mrs. Boyter's Google Classroom 2019-20 you will find all of these assignments with documents and links attached.  

    We will have a google meet today at 1:00. Be sure to come, it will be fun. Today we will do a scavenger hunt!

    Today your job for reading is to explore the Epic Books website.
    1. Click on the first link below and enter the class code. Copy and paste: abr2744

    2. Then find your profile pic/name and enter the site. Search through and see if you can find a book or a series that might interest you.
    3. Read a chapter!
    4. Go to the google form and answer some questions about your search and book choice.

    This site will be free for the next 8 weeks. You have until June 30th to read as many fun books for free as you can! I hope you make use of it for some summer reading.

    Create an "About the Author" slide for our "Mrs. Boyter's Class of Authors" Google Slide Share.
    1. Please watch the video I made last week. Rewatch it to refresh your memory if you watched it last Wednesday.

    2. Find your slide and follow the directions for each text box on your slide. Be sure to add the link to your story next to your name.
    3. Please ask a family member to help you proof read your page. Remember to capitalize all proper nouns (names of people, places, words in your title).

    Do your best to complete this task today. If your story is not all the way complete yet, you can still share your link and your classmates can at least enjoy reading what you have done so far. Keep working on your story too if it is still not done. Try to have that done by Wednesday.

    4th Grade Math

    Learning Target: Find the area of triangles and trapezoids using what you know about area of rectangles and paralellograms.
    1. Check your work from last Wednesday on problem solving pages 359-360 by watching video below.

    2. Work independently on problem solving pages 361-362 about finding area of trapezoids.

    5th Grade Math

    Learning Target: Create line plots, histograms, and box plots including labeling and scaling axes appropriately. Know when data are best represented on line plots, histograms, or box plots.
    1. Watch video and work through your math book pages 318-323.

    2. Work independently on the google slide.


    6th Grade Math

    Learning target: Understand that a scale is a ratio. Compute actual length from a scale drawing. Compute actual areas from a scale drawing.
    1. Watch the video and go over math book pages 251-255


    2. Work independently on problem solving pages 277-278.

    6th graders:
    I still am hoping for name plate projects from Dylan and Emporess. Have fun with it and send me a picture of your finished product.

    Don't forget to check in with Mrs. Barron's, Mr. Chambers' and Ms. Rich's elearning pages to see what assignments they are giving you for the week.

    Check up on your daily task completion charts.