ELearning Wednesday, April 1


    Below is the list of all of assignments.  If you go to Mrs. Boyter's Google Classroom 2019-20 you will find all of these assignments with documents and links attached. 


    Learning Target:  Analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza fits into the overall structure of a work of literature and contributes to the development of the theme, characterization, setting, or plot.

    1. Read chapters 5-7 in The Search for WondLa. You do not need to do vocabulary work today. But you will use what you read about how the author develops the setting to inspire your writing work.
    2. Practice list 16 vocabulary words for your quiz on Thursday.

    Work to be turned in:  None for today



    Learning Target: Use precise words and phrases, relevant descriptive details, and sensory language to convey a setting for a story.

    1. Open the video directions for your assignment today: Bring a Setting to Life.
    2. Write a few paragraphs following the directions about a setting that fits with your character from Monday on the google doc attached to this assignment.
    3. Share your setting paragraphs on the flipgrid link provided within the assignment.



    Social Studies

    Watch CNN10 and take notes. Quiz will be Friday



    Watch the short video links found on google classroom about each of the outer planets.  You will use the information you learn from the videos to help you with an assignment that goes with your text book reading tomorrow.

    Work to be turned in: none


    4th Grade Math

    Learning Target: Plot a point on a coordinate plane using x and y coordinates.

    1. Open your problem solving packet to page 325-326. Watch my video helping you understand what you could have written for your work.
    2. Take lesson 28 quiz. Remember with Kami assignments you always need to MAKE A COPY before marking up the quiz. After making a copy you are free to mark it up. When done go to share and copy a link. Paste the link in the "your work" section and submit your quiz. 



    5th Grade Math


    Learning Target: Find the surface area of prisms.
    1. Check your work for pages 301-302 using the google doc.
    2. Open your book to page 274 and watch my video that helps to introduce the lesson. Be sure to push pause often and fill in the answers before I show them to you, and then check to see if you were correct.
    3. Work on practice page 303-304.
    4. Play the quick game to identify what shapes nets represent.




    6th Grade Math

    Learning Target: Describe similarity relationships of polygons. Sove problems involving similarity.
    1. Make sure you complete your quiz from yesterday's assignment. Mariah, Emporess, and Maliayah still need to turn in a copy of their quiz on Tuesday's assignment.
    2. Watch the video lesson at the link below while you fill in math book pages 218-223 that introduces the idea of similar figures.
    3. After working through those pages with me complete problem solving pages 241-244.
    4. If you are stuck on a problem, please contact me for help. Ask a questio on google classroom and I can give you clues.


    Check your daily task completion charts for last yesterday.  If you fell behind on any of the assignments, work hard to get caught up.


    Today is Wednesday, which means you would have art today. Be sure to check on Mrs. Rich's page for your assignment.