ELearning Tuesday, November 12th


    Below is the list of all of assignments.  If you go to Mrs. Boyter's Google Classroom 2019-20 you will find all of these assignments with documents and links attached.



    I can introduce a claim and support it with clear reasons and relavent evidence using credible sources to demonstrate an understanding of the topic.

    Steps of the lesson...

    1. Watch the Mystery Doug Science Video about ostrich eggs.

    2. Open the google doc and read the claim made by Mrs. Boyter about ostrich eggs.

    3.  Use what you learned from the video to write a counter argument.  Then answer the remaining questions using PQA and providing facts from the video as support.



    Work to be turned in:

    Be sure to submit your googledoc when completed.



    I can explain how an author uses reasons and evidence to support claims in a text and identify which reasons and evidence support which claims.

    Steps of the lesson...

    1. Read chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11 in your Hoot, Scat, or Flush novels.
    2. Look for notice and notes as you read.  Add at least 3 to your bookmarks.
    3. Be sure to do the questions that go with each notice and note on your paper bookmarks.

    Work to be turned in:

    You will need to show me your notice and notes tomorrow and use them for your group discussion.

    Social Studies

    I can summarize a primary or secondary source without including bias or prior knowledge.

    Steps of the lesson...

    1.  Go to CNN10.  Watch the 10 minute show. 
    2.  Take notes as you watch either on notebook paper or on a googledoc.
    3.  If you chose to take notes on paper, be ready to turn it in to me tomorrow.



    Work to be turned in...

    Notes about CNN10 (on paper or in your CNN notebook)


    4th, 5th, and 6th grade math

    Work hard to get 1 iReady math lesson passed today.  If you already passed a lesson yesterday, still do one more today.  This time spent will help you get to your 5 lessons passed for the month of November.

    Work to be turned in...

    I will check to see that a lesson was passed today.



    We have Gym and Music  today! Click on the links below to find out what you need to do for each class.