• Meet the Teacher
    Miss Camellia Dabagia

    It is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to my first-grade class at Knapp Elementary School! As a teacher in the Michigan City Area Schools corporation, I believe that it is important to provide children with a safe, productive, and enriching environment where we can all grow together as members of a learning community. Each day, I encourage my students to keep their hopes and dreams alive through hard work and perseverance, and striving to make any dream a reality is a major theme of my classroom. To help students to learn effective strategies to reach their goals, for instance, I have displayed a “Dream Board” of renowned Americans from past and present who have attained success while struggling to overcome life’s many challenges. The “Dream Board” showcases people who serve as role models, particularly through their efforts to realize their objectives honestly and faithfully, for students to emulate. During the school year, I use various stories, discussions, and lessons to introduce the students to the individuals on my “Dream Board.” The “Dream Board” not only helps children to study the culturally and economically citizens of our country, but it also helps me to teach students essential life skills by calling their attention to those historical figures who have achieved their lives’ ambitions in the face of overwhelming adversity. Ultimately, I would like students to understand that with such determination, success is possible!