• Art at Joy School with Mrs. Vigen
    We are fortunate to have Art on a regular basis. Students have art once a week for a full hour.   
    The art room is an incredible environment for learning.  Not only does art teach students about shape, line, color, texture, pattern, and form; it also teaches students how to share, get along, think creatively,  problem solve, and how to see beauty in the things around them.  Art gives students the opportunity to learn from each other.  The end result is important, but the process is where we find out what our capabilities are.  It's always surprising what amazing things we can do.  These kids have talents that they haven't even used yet. Art helps everyone discover their hidden talents.
    Much of Art is about problem solving.  Encourage your child to think through a difficult situation.  With your guidance, they will come up with a variety of solutions. 
    As always, encourage great behavior in the Art room.  They work in a team, and try to keep a zero on our behavior chart.
    Three zero's will earn them a small treat.  
    Art is important to us in that it encourages problem solving.  The Arts promote flexible thinking, and risk taking.  Creating art gives students a sence of accomplishment that carries into other areas of learning.  Encourage your child to do his or her best when in art class.
  • Meet the Teacher
    This is my 30th year teaching Art to young students.   I have a masters degree in art education, and have spent countless hours creating "art" of my own.
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    Phone and extension: (219) 873-2090, ext. 6325